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4 Ways to Enjoy Work Again

4 Ways to Enjoy Work Again

This blog post reveals how to enjoy work again when you feel exhausted, tired or unchallenged at work.

Do you wake up some weekday mornings and wish you didn’t have to work today?

Maybe you’ve been overworked, you’re under pressure to deliver the impossible and you’re exhausted from trying. Or you’ve been frustrated with organisational changes or office politics and haven’t been able to do the work you believe needs to be done.

Whatever it is, you know that work is currently one of your greatest sources of stress and frustration. 

Big question is, what do you do when you’ve reached that mid way point in your job? 

The point where even though you’re frustrated with work, you don’t have a good enough reason to resign. And it seems your best option is to stay, continue learning and simply grin and bear things.


Well… A mistake to avoid is complaining. Complaining to your partner, complaining to your friends and complaining to your manager. 

Whilst talking about how busy, political, and screwed up things are may make you feel better, there’s one problem… after you’ve talked about it, you only feel worse. 

You feel worse when you keep talking about the same issues over and over again and nothing has changed. You feel worse when your career feels stagnent and things aren’t improving. 

That’s why I recommend all my clients turn their frustrations into inspiration to do something that makes them feel fulfilled and happier. Because if you’re able to find happiness and fulfillment when work isn’t ideal, your feelings about life and yourself won’t be dependent on career. In fact, you’ll be happy and fulfilled regardless of what job you do… and that my friends is powerful stuff.

Here 4 ways you can enjoy work again, no matter how challenging it’s been. 


#1 – Find fulfillment in other areas of your life

Work plays such a huge role in our lives, you can’t help but think about work most of the time. You’re in the office by 8.30am and leave by 6.30pm. You talk about work over dinner with your partner and you sometimes think about work on the weekend if you’ve had a particularly challenging week. 

Even though culturally, many motivational speakers and entrepreneurs take pride in recommending you to make work your number one priority… work isn’t and will never be the only thing that makes you feel fulfilled. 

There are 9 other areas of your life that affect how you feel about yourself and your life on a day to day basis.


The areas are as follows:

  • Your body (physical health)

  • Your emotional wellbeing

  • Your social life

  • Your financial situation

  • Your intellectual development

  • Your marriage / romantic relationship

  • Your children (if you’re a parent)

  • Your hobbies

  • Your spiritual awareness and connection


Even if you have the most amazing job, it’ll never give you the same kind of benefits and happiness that the other areas in your life will. 

If you find yourself thinking about work all the time and being tired of it, take a break from thinking about it. Instead discover which areas of your life you’d most like to develop at this stage in your life and you’ll find joy in every day.


#2 – Get lots of sleep

Get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep. This may seem tough if you don’t usually go to bed early and have to wake up early. It’s also not easy if you’re a parent to baby or toddler.

However, a tired you makes for a cranky you. 

Invest in doing whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep consistently. Waking up energised gives you a whole new perspective on life and gives you energy to do things you didn’t have the energy for earlier. 

For some ideas on how to sleep peacefully when you’re feeling stressed, click here to watch my YouTube video.

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#3 – Have a ritual for relieving stress daily

The key to not feeling stressed in a very stressful situation is to have a daily stress-relieving ritual. 

Doing something every Monday to Friday religiously helps you let out your frustrations and feel positive about work even when crap has hit the fan. 

For example, if you meditate regularly, you’re able to get less triggered and irritated by some people. Instead you learn how to live and work with people that otherwise annoy you.

You find humour in situations you otherwise would have been angry at and you find the strength to keep going when you feel close to giving up.

Only you know what makes you feel less stressed. All I ask is that you do it everyday. 

For some ideas on how to feel less stressed about work, click here.


#4 – Do absolutely nothing

There’s a reason why when you go back to work after a vacation you feel different. You don’t feel as tired, frustrated or annoyed about work. In fact, your experience of work is completely different. You’re happy to be back, you’re fired up with some ideas and you’re ready to give work another chance. 

Problem is, unless you go on vacation a lot, it can be a while until you feel energised and inspired again. 

Instead of waiting for your next holiday, take a break. Do absolutely nothing on the evenings and weekends and enjoy as much of your out of office hours as possible. Don’t check your work emails and don’t do any tasks out of hours. 

You’ll feel so much more energised once you’ve recharged.


And that’s it. 

I’d love to know what you think. What’s one thing that has helped you enjoy work again? Leave a comment below. My blog is read by thousands of readers and your comment could make a difference in someone else’s life.



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