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5 Reasons Why Every Professional Need a Personal Website

5 Reasons Why Every Professional Need a Personal Website

Do you think you need your own website? Most professionals don’t think they need one.

And I get why, but they’re making a huge mistake.

There’s a myth websites are only necessary if you’re a blogger or have a business.


But here’s one thing you may not know. Websites are designed to help you become an expert and leader in your field.

A mistake people make is rely on their job title or the name of the company they work for to show leadership.

Whether they can’t wait to become an executive so they have the authority to make decisions, or they feel proud when sharing who they work for at networking events, they believe this gives them leadership credibility in their field.

But this isn’t true.

People don’t get impressed or influenced by what job you have nor who you work for. They get influenced by what they’ve seen you do and how they’ve seen you lead.


And that my friends is what websites are for. Here 5 reasons why every professional. including you, needs a personal website.


#1 Your website influences what people see when they google you

What would you like the first thing people to see when they google you? A photo of you at your friends wedding on Facebook, an empty and outdated LinkedIn profile or worse … nothing at all?

When people don’t know much about you and want to learn more, the first step they take is to Google you. It doesn’t matter whether they work with you, have met you at a networking event, are interviewing you or are thinking of booking you for a speaking gig.

Having a website helps you make sure the first thing they see is what you want them to see. The smarter and more professional you look, the more people respect, admire and want to connect with you. 


#2 Sharing your ideas can transform you into a thought leader

What’s the difference between an employee and a thought leader? Thought leaders share their ideas on how business should be done. They teach people something. Employees seem less of an expert.

Thought leaders are way more valuable inside and outside organisations than non-thought leaders.


#3 Your website could attract the wildest career opportunities

Do you have career dreams you wish could come true?

You’d be surprised by how many clients wish they could write a best selling book or do a Ted Talk or talk on stage at a huge event with hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Having a website allows you to get these opportunities. Every journalist, publishing house, Ted Talk organiser and even event organiser wants to know, “Do you have a platform?”

In other words, do you have followers that will read your book or come to the event … do you have people who listen to what you say and find value in what you share.

Your website helps you build your platform and build a following. Many struggling authors will tell you they wish they’d known this before writing a book that isn’t selling.

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#4 You can generate additional income

When your website has a blog that shares really helpful ideas, strategies and tips, it’s only a matter of time people will email you asking for your advice. 

You can sell your expertise through one-on-one or group coaching, online courses, consulting, events, ebooks and so much more. 

Sometimes you can make a passive income while you sleep, and other times you can replace and exceed what you’re earning in your corporate job. This can give you the flexibility to do more of the things you love.


#5 Develop meaningful friendships with your followers and powerful people in your industry

Last but not least, one of my favourite things about having a website is that you get to grow you email list.

When people visit your website and like reading your blog, they’ll subscribe to your email list to continue learning from you. This means every week (or however frequently you write emails) you’ll get to connect with real people you otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Some of these will be beginners looking to follow and learn from you, others will be peers you’ve inspired and once in a while you’ll connect with someone you really admire and who respects what you do.

Nothing makes me happier than receiving an email from the people I write to. And I suspect you’ll find creating new connections meaningful. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to grow your network and net worth. 


And you know what the best part of this is, making a website is sooooo much cheaper and easier than you think. You can do it for less than a Beyonce & Jay Z On the Run concert ticket and it can take less than a week to make.

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