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5 Steps to Creating a Viral Quiz that Grows Your Blog and Business

5 Steps to Creating a Viral Quiz that Grows Your Blog and Business

This blog post reveals a step by step plan for how you can create a quiz that goes viral for your blog and business, even as a beginner. I share how to use easy and leading quiz builder Interact to get started with your quiz.

You’ve seen a few things go viral in your lifetime. From YouTube videos, to the president’s tweets, some things gain momentum and you can’t help but wonder… “How can I make my blog or business go viral?”

A common mistake I’ve seen experts and businesses make is believe there’s a button. That one blog post, product, marketing strategy, video or website will make things go “BOOM.”

When in reality, it doesn’t work that way. There’s nearly always a science to how to make your blog or business go viral. And while most people haven’t yet figured out that science, the good news is, it’s not rocket science.

You can create viral content without needing x years of experience, knowledge or even skills. You simply need to know how to create viral content.


So what is viral content?

To put it simply, it’s content that people enjoy engaging with and sharing. 

But if you’d like a more detailed breakdown (and to learn how you can use quizzes to create viral content) keep reading.


What is truly engaging and share worthy content?

Engagement means creating content that people not only like reading but feel like they are actively doing something as they are consuming your content.

For example, one of the reasons movies and TV shows are so engaging, whether it’s Black Panther, to Mad Men, to the Real Housewives of New York, is because they involve the viewer. Viewers don’t feel like they’re just watching a TV show… they care about how the story develops and ends.

That’s why sports, politics and many topics not only grab people’s attention, but keep their attention to the very end and make them feel various emotions throughout the journey.


And what makes your content worth sharing are two key things.

  1. Does your content create an emotion or provide information that the person who’s consumed your content wants to share?

  2. Is the person proud to associate themselves with the content you’ve created?


The truth is, people only share things that provoke an emotion (whether it’d be shock, laughter, horror or joy). And they want what they share to make them look positive in their community of friends and family. 


Now that you know this, you’ll see why quizzes are so effective at creating viral content. 


For example, two food bloggers, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, wanted to raise awareness about their cake recipes. But sharing photos of their recipes alone wasn’t enough to inspire people to share the recipes with their friends. 

So they decided to create a quiz called “Which cake are you?” and shared it on Twitter. People were curious to learn about themselves and by completing this quiz, they discovered their “cake type” as well as a link to try a recipe for the cake they’re similar to. 

This quiz was so fun and engaging, just three days after the quiz was launched, it got over 20,000 views and generated thousands of new subscribers to their blog and social media channels. Fast forward to today and they have 1.9 million followers on Instagram and have won countless of awards for the amazing recipes they’ve shared.


This could be you. You too could create a quiz that not only engages people, but makes them want to share it and turn your blog and business into a viral phenomenon. 


The big question is, how do you create a quiz that goes viral?

Good news is, I’ve learned the key elements of a successful quiz by Interact, a leading quiz builder that’s been used by Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Forbes, GreenPeace and Kimberly Snyder. 


Here are the steps to creating a quiz that goes viral using a quiz builder like Interact. 


Step 1: Pick an Irresistible Topic, Quiz Style and Quiz Title

The first and most important step is to figure out what type of quiz will be the most interesting and valuable for you to create for you audience. 

Generally, the most interesting and valuable quizzes do one of the following:

  • REVEAL PERSONALITY: They help someone learn something about themselves. For example, “Which cake are you?” or “Which Real Housewife are you?” or “What career should you actually have?”

  • CONDUCT ASSESSMENT AND REVEAL SOLUTION: They assess someone or something and educate you on how to achieve your goals. For example “How healthy are you really?”

  • REVEAL WHAT YOU KNOW: They test your knowledge about something. For example, “How much do you actually know about X?”


Step 2: Write the questions for your quiz

The next step is to craft your questions like a conversation… not a boring questionnaire.

Imagine meeting the reader for the first time and wanting to get to know them in a few minutes, preferably seconds. The snappier and more interesting the questions, the more fun it is for people to complete.


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Step 3: Share the the results (and make it easy for participants to share their results)

Reward people for telling you a bit about them by revealing something insightful about them. Kind of like a Tarot card reader, by the time participants get to the end, they want to know what you see… what you feel… what you believe.

They may not 100% believe you, but they’ll want to.

The best kind of results are ones that aren’t only insightful, but inspire people to share what they’ve learned about themselves with others. So be sure to add a “share your results” or “share the quiz with a friend” button if they think a friend or family member would value learning about themselves too.


Step 4: Have a clear call to action

It’s really important that before your quiz goes live, you give participants a next step. 

If someone found your quiz interesting and found the results helpful, they may want to take an action to improve their lives in someway. So give them a clear next step.

This could be something like:

  • Check out this blog post or recipe (similar to the cake quiz)

  • Sign up to receive an extensive report

  • Download this ebook

  • Book a consultation


Step 5: Share your quiz

Last but not least, when your quiz is done, share it. Share it everywhere. On social media, text your friends and family and let everyone know they can learn something about themselves by doing this quiz.


And that’s it. 



It’s super easy to get started. Interact has a free version you can use to make your quiz. I am a huge fan of Interact, and because I’m a user, I’m also an affiliate.

You can start generating views for your quiz for free immediately with Interact. To try Interact, click here.

If you find it’s been just as helpful for you as it as been for me and other professionals and entrepreneurs, you can upgrade to various packages that are right for you. I totally recommend starting with the Lite program as an early user so you can start collecting email addresses and leads for your blog and business. The Growth package is perfect if you’d like to make your quiz appear professional and branded to your liking.

To try Interact, click here.


I’d love to hear about your experience with online quizzes. Have you tried them? Did they work? What tips would you share for newbies? Leave a comment below.

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