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5 Ways to Feeling Less Stressed About Work

5 Ways to Feeling Less Stressed About Work

This blog post reveals 5 small things you can do to feel less stressed about work, no matter how challenging things are.

Feeling stressed about work is frustrating. Because it’s one thing to have a bad or stressful day, but it’s another to worry about work pretty much all the time. 

I didn’t know how to stop feeling stressed until one morning I was meditating and Calm shared a powerful quote by Pharrell Williams… 

“Happiness is not about the trophy or the finish line. It’s the journey. If you can enjoy the journey, you can enjoy life.”


Reading this quote opened my eyes. It helped me see that often the biggest source of our stress is our aspirations. We worry about what we haven’t achieved, what we don’t have and everything that isn’t working well. 

A mistake I, and I’ve noticed many people make is believe their life would be more enjoyable if things changed. If their job changed, their boss changed, their situation changed, or if their income changed, they wouldn’t have a reason to be stressed. 

But if your happiness is dependent on what your circumstances are, you could quite easily spend months or years feeling stressed when you’re going through challenging times.

However, when you learn to not be stressed despite your circumstances, you’ll feel peaceful, happy and live life to the fullest most of the time.

That’s why in this weeks blog post, I’m going to share 5 small things you can do to feel less stressed about work and life. 


#1 – Meditate before you start work

Meditating helps you get present to everything you’re grateful for. And it’s hard to be stressed when you’re feeling grateful.

More importantly, meditating gives you the space to reflect on how you feel and how to make decisions and take actions that are better for you and the greater good of all.

The easiest way to meditate consistently is to do it at the start of every work day.

Before you check your emails or do list, as soon as you wake up, brush your teeth and sit on the mat.  

You can start with one minute, progress to 2 minutes, 5 minutes and so on. 

Your mornings will feel so much better!


#2 – Forget about things that don’t matter and focus on your priorities

One of the things that makes work stressful is worrying about a lot little things that don’t matter. Whether it’s a long to do list of unimportant tasks or conversations that hurt your feelings.

Though these things may feel important and take up your head space at the time, they are distractions.

They distract you from what’s truly important and will make a positive difference to your experience at work.

If you want to have a more positive experience, focus only on things that’ll make the biggest positive difference to you work. Whether it’s helping you achieve a target, helping you build meaningful relationships or helping you complete a big project.

When you get the most important things done and see results, you’ll feel like a champ and no longer sweat small stuff.


#3 – Journal about how you’ve grown in the past day

Sometimes we can beat ourselves up about all the things we don’t have and all the things we haven’t achieved.

But journals are a great teacher. When you take notes on what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved, you process everything and begin to get a sense of momentum. 

Reflecting on what you’ve learned, what you’ve achieved and how you’ve grown, will help you feel satisfied and complete.


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#4 – Challenge your body physically

One of the easiest ways to feel better about yourself and life is to exercise.

And by exercise, I don’t mean simply working out. I mean challenging yourself physically to do something you don’t think you can. Whether it’s an extra repetition of an exercise, a move you worry you can’t do or a workout you worry you can’t finish… when your mind tells you can’t and you motivate yourself to keep going until you finish it, you get a huge amount of satisfaction.

You discover that there are many things you think you can’t do, but when you put your mind to it, you do it. 

This will help you feel stronger and inspire you to do more challenging things at work that’ll get you better results.


#5 – Aim to live everyday carefree

Last but not least, aim to spend every day without worrying about a thing.

This sounds unrealistic and unachievable. But the point isn’t that you spend your entire life not worrying about a thing. It’s that you consciously try to live life in a carefree way.

The reason you’re stressed isn’t that things in your life aren’t working. It’s because you are choosing to worry about how things aren’t working. Perhaps you have fears. Perhaps you worry you have a lot to lose.

But let me ask you this, would you live differently if you knew you would be alright in the end? Would you stay stressed if you knew good things are coming your way?

The easiest way to know for sure that you’ll be okay is to look back at your past. Think about all the times you’ve been through something difficult… and ask yourself this, “Did you survive? Did you get through it?”

The fact you’re reading this tells me you did… and that tells me you can get through anything!


I’d love to know what you think. What’s one thing that has helped you feel less stressed about work? Leave a comment below. My blog is read by thousands of readers and your comment could make a difference in someone else’s life.


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