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7 Things Successful Women Do on Sunday

7 Things Successful Women Do on Sunday

This blog post reveals 7 things you can do on a Sunday to have the most productive and enjoyable work week. 

Sundays can sometimes feel like a double edged sword. You love laying bed and thinking about your plans for the day. But as the day ends, anxiety begins to kick in at the thought of returning to work on Monday.

“Can’t tomorrow be a bank holiday?” I hear you grudge to yourself.


If you’ve felt this way, I want you to know almost everyone feels this way. According to a poll conducted by, 78% of surveyed adults worldwide can’t help but dwell on unsettled challenges at work and stress about upcoming deadlines. This is otherwise known as the “Sunday Night Blues.”

So the question is, how do you beat the Sunday blues?


While you might not be able change your circumstances at work, what you can do is take actions that’ll make you look forward to the week ahead.

Here are seven things you can do on Sunday that’ll not only beat the blues, but make you jump out of bed on Monday morning excited for the week ahead. 


#1 Call your family and friends

Sunday is the day you ought to call the people you love and haven’t spoken to in a while. Whether it’s a 5 minute or 1 hour phone call with your parents, sister, brother or BFF; the time you spend talking to them will make you smile, laugh and possibly even feel optimistic about the week ahead as you talk through some of the challenges you’ve been facing.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your to list during the week that we sometimes forget to nurture the relationships with those we love. Investing in our relationships on a weekly basis make us feel happier, connected and loved. If you don’t keep in touch with those you love, you’ll feel unsupported when the going gets tough.


#2 Do a digital detox

After you’ve spoken to your family and friends, unplug and take some “me-time”. It’s tempting to spend your free time on the sofa, at a restaurant table or even on the toilet browsing Instagram, reading your friends status updates or simply following the news.

However, consuming any of these things can leave you feeling envious of other people’s lives. Popular Instagrammer’s with amazing pictures can make your life feel less exciting, and following the news can make the world feel gloomy.

So switch off the noise, get the peace and quiet you need and allow your mind to present to the amazing things you have in your life right now. 


#3 Have some play time

As a career driven women, I know how easy it is to check your work e-mail or put the time in your passion project. But there comes a time when you need a break… and you deserve a break. How can you feel stress-free, happy and successful if you don’t get into the habit of carving out time to enjoy the life you have.

Some easy ways to chill are listening to your favourite music, reading a book or simply cuddling and talking to your partner. You’ll appreciate the few hours you’ve had to just unwind.


#4 Plan how you’ll crush Monday

If you start the week feeling the “Sunday Night Blues,” I guarantee you that Monday morning will probably suck. If that’s your mindset, you’re not allowing the possibility for awesome Monday’s to enter your life.

For example, if you don’t like the thought of green juices – even if I give you the recipe for the best tasting green juice in the world, you’ll believe it tastes disgusting before you even try it. But if you try it with an open mind and imagine the amazing benefits you’ll get from drinking it, your experience will be totally different. Once you find a recipe you love, you’ll be hooked.

Monday’s are kind of similar. At first we may not like the look of them, but they are great once you see the benefits and go into it with an open mind. 

The best way to be excited for Monday is to visualise and plan exactly why it’s going to be so great and what you’ll achieve.

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Use a daily planner to imagine and write down the best way to spend the day. Plan it from second you wake up to the second you go to bed. When you wake up the following morning and you tick off all the things you visualised yourself doing, you’ll feel super accomplished and motivated by what’s possible for the rest of the week.


#5 Identify your priorities for the week

Once the week sets in, your head may feel like it’s spinning in circles. You’ll have a massive to-do list and may even feel overwhelmed by all that’s left to do. To help you focus on what’s important and not stress about what’s not important, set out 3 priorities for the week.

Identifying your priorities will help you realise that it’s not worth stressing out about everything, because you’ll be focused, happy and fulfilled just by finishing your top 3 priorities. In truth, the rest is just extra stuff that probably doesn’t matter.


#6 Get ready for the special days of the week

Every Sunday, you’ll know which day of the week will require you to do your best work.

Whether you’re delivering a presentation to your team, contributing to an important meeting with a client or you need to meet a deadline for your project, you know that this will be your chance to not deliver your best work, but be recognised and appreciated for the impact you’re making. 

To excel on this day, prepare yourself to be confident. Pick out an outfit you’d like to wear and if it’s wrinkled, iron it. Create a routine for the day so that when it’s your time to shine you’re feeling good and you’re looking good.



#7 Challenge yourself to break through your ceiling

And last but not least, challenge yourself to do one thing you think will help you to be more successful at something you care about.

Whether you want a promotion and you know you need to deliver better pieces of work, or you want a new job and you need to learn new skills, or you have a business idea for your passion and you know you need to actually spend your spare time working on it, challenge yourself to do at least one thing you think will bring you closer to your goal.


And that’s it.

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