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8 Chic Work Style Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

8 Chic Work Style Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

You have a meeting, interview, presentation or speaking opportunity and you want to look smart, professional and feel comfortable.

Last month I shared a blog post on how to dress for work and wear a style that makes you feel confident and professional.

If you’re not yet sure how to look your best, I first recommend you do your free Find Your Personal Style quiz.

You can use this quiz to discover how to best dress not only for work, but also for interviews, speaking engagements or for YouTube or TV. To do this quiz, click here.


One of the most popular results from the quiz is a City Chic & Smart Glamour look. 

People who look confident wearing this style want to look smart and stylish. They love to look striking, grab peoples attention when they walk into a room and be heard when they speak.

But they’re not obsessed with the latest fashion trends and definitely don’t want to wear looks that go out of style. Instead, they want to wear what looks amazing on you.

To give you some inspiration for this look, here are 8 bloggers you can follow on Instagram.

I’ll be posting separate style inspiration for men later.

Olivia Palermo – @Oliviapalermo


Mary Orton – @maryorton


9 to 5 – @9to5chic


Brittanny Xavier – @Brittannyxavier


Style Pantry – @StylePantry


Krystal Bick – @Krystal_Bick


Amro Menar – @iamabyssinia


Serra Bellum – @serrabellum


Fashion Jackson – @fashion_jackson

To figure out what your personal style for work is, do the “Find My Personal Style” quiz.

This will give you clarity on what to wear and teach you how to consistently dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You’ll learn how to look admirable and respectable and hold your presence in a room.

Click the button below to receive the quiz.

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