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How to End an Interview

How to End an Interview

The hard work is done. You’ve reached the end of the interview and you’re so close to stepping outside that meeting room and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

BUT, you have one last hurdle.

You need to tie up that interview with a pretty little bow that leaves your interviewer with a lasting positive impression of you. Here’s how.

Have a killer question ready to ask your interviewer

“What has been the most memorable time for you here at X so far” is a brilliant one for

1)   Giving you a really valuable insight into what a “big moment” looks like for this company. Is this the kind of environment you see yourself in?

2)   Tapping into the interviewers emotional side as they’ll reflect on some of their most positive and challenging memories of working at the company. This level of emotional rapport building will likely help you be remembered by the interviewer.

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Thank the interviewer for their time

Your interviewer wants to feel important. We all love to feel important. Thanking your interviewer for their time will set you apart from all of those who forget to do just that.

Add some sparkle

Of course you’re going to want to remain professional, but don’t forget to let your personality shine through as you walk through the office. Keep your head held high, smile at those you pass and keep in mind they are going to be looking for someone who they want to spend their time with!

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