My Story

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my office. So you’d like to know a bit about me?

I’m a Branding Consultant who helps women become leaders in their organisation and experts in their field.

Over the past year, I’ve helped thousands of women around the world advance in their career in three ways.

Through my YouTube videos, online courses and private consulting, I’ve taught women how to:

a) Get their dream job and negotiate a salary increase of up to 40%

b) Become experts in their field and generate additional income from public speaking and writing

c) Become their most productive and confident selves at work

Some people wonder whether the training I provide really works or is too good to be true…

The answer is yes… my only commitment is provide training and education that gets you the results you want in your career and life.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from my clients.

Some people ask “How did you get started? Why do you do this?”

It’s a long story I’ll summarise into a few words.

I’ve had two near death experiences that pushed me to explore what makes life worth living. If you want to read about the worst and most difficult times of my life, click here.

Through the trials of life, I’ve discovered the only thing that’ll keep me alive when my life is on the line, is having a hunger for something.

Years ago, I used to play football for Chelsea Girls Football Club. I was hungry to play for my country and was willing to sacrifice everything to achieve this childhood dream.

But after I got injured, I had no choice but to give up my football career and childhood dream.

Instead of getting a sports scholarship to study medicine in America, I settled to get a Business degree at a top business school in London. Straight out of university, I worked as a branding consultant for global brands such as Nike, L’Oreal and Unilever and later transitioned in tech, working for fast growing tech start ups such as Freeletics.

Though work was good… a part of me was still missing.

Despite living the life I thought I wanted (i.e. having a “good” career, marrying the love of my life, living in a beautiful apartment in the city and getting pregnant with our first child) … I didn’t feel like myself.

I was no longer the ambitious little girl from Lesotho / South Africa who had big dreams.

It had to take two near death experiences for me to realise I’d become a woman I didn’t recognise.

Having been through what I’ve been through, I’ve learned the the only way to get through the hardest times in your life, is to have really good reason to live and keep going.

It just so happens to be, the only thing to bring back the sparks in my eyes and keep me going… is serving women who work.

I LOVE helping women advance in their careers and become rock stars at work and in their field.

I feel like a proud mama bear when a client calls me and says

  • “Joy I got the senior job I applied for… I honestly didn’t think I could do it… but I did it.”

  • “Thanks to your videos, I got the courage to speak at an event and it went really well!”

  • “Omg! I got my dream job offer and increased my salary by 50%!! I no longer have to wear cheap underwear!” (yes… I have received responses like that)

Words like that light me up and give me a reason to keep going, no matter what I’m going through.

Being part of the reason you (and other women achieve their career goals) is one of the best feelings in the world.

And as a mother of a baby girl myself, I think it’s time young girls and grown women can easily access the education and information they need to become experts and leaders in the field.

Though I hope women will become experts and leaders in their field… I know we are a long way from achieving this goal.

And so I’m doing everything I can to help us move towards a world where:

  • Women are paid equally to men. Currently in the UK, there’s a 20% gender pay gap.

  • Women get hired for and make an impact in top leadership positions. According to a Credit Suisse report, only 16% of women are in management positions in the UK & USA.

  • Women are represented as speakers and thought leaders in their field and the media. While women are present in the media, we represent 79% of victims. Yet three-quarters of the media’s “experts” are men. The media says that this is because there just aren’t that many female experts around

As much as my team and I can do to help women move forward in their career… this isn’t a mission we can achieve alone.

That’s why, in addition to creating videos and online courses women can watch anytime and anywhere, we give experts in various industries the opportunity to write and share their wisdom on If you’d like to write about your learning’s and share your tips for working women around the world, click here.

We also interview and feature experts that have learned things few people have, and that can teach working women strategies and techniques that’ll help them grow and become leaders in their field. If you’d like to be featured as an expert, click here.

Now that’s my professional bio over.

Thanks so much for visiting my online office and reading about me.

I hope we’ll work together one day and you’ll achieve a big career goal,


If you’re still reading… I’m guessing you’re a little bit nosey. If I must, I’m happy to open up and share more personal information about me.

I recently created a shared a video on YouTube where I answer 73 revealing questions about me.

Enough about me. I hope you and I will get to know each other!

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