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Calming Affirmations and Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

Calming Affirmations and Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious?
This video is a meditation and provides affirmations for calming anxiety.

If you’d like to use these affirmations in the future, see them written down for you below:

#1 – I am no longer afraid of what could go wrong. I have everything I need for things to go right

#2 – Life wants what is best for me. I am ok right now.

#3 – I am comfortable and connected with my environment.

#4 – I am prepared for change. I am strong.

#5 – Whatever I am going through is temporary. It will pass and I’ll be stronger than before.

#5 – I am capable of solving any problems that face me.

See Also

#6 – When I take time to feel good, I am attracting positive energy into my life

#7 – I have made it before, I will make it through again

#8 – I grow stronger each time I overcome anxiety

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