5 Ways to Get Noticed and Promoted Faster

This blog post reveals how to get noticed by decision makers at work and get promoted faster.

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You've been working really hard for what feels like a long time... but sometimes you feel unappreciated. While you've received positive feedback from your boss, you haven't yet had a promotion. 

Instead you watch your colleagues get promoted faster and in less time than you and you're wondering what you need to do differently.

Well, a mistake to avoid is thinking if you work harder, you're more likely to get promoted. But sadly this isn't true.

While GREAT work is definitely necessary, it's doesn't make much of an impact if people don't notice your great work.

That's why it's so important to get people to notice you. To get people to know your name and see the impact you're making in your team and within the company. 

For example, one of clients was amazing at what she does. Time and time again, her boss would give her positive feedback and even her clients said she delivered the best piece of work they'd seen.

But when she had her appraisal, her boss said "I know you've been wanting a promotion. And I recommended this to my boss, but they don't think you're ready. They think it's too soon and we only have a small budget to promote people who're ready and have been outstanding."

After talking with her it became clear that her challenge wasn't that she wasn't ready. It was that the key decision makers didn't know much about her. Because they didn't know who she was, they couldn't see nor understand why she deserved a promotion.

This is an example of why getting noticed is a critical yet often forgotten step to progressing in the workplace. 

In today's blog post, I'm going to reveal the 5 steps you can take to get noticed at work and promoted faster.


#1 - Talk to decision makers and influencial people in the office

The first step to getting noticed is to introduce yourself and get to know the key decision makers and most influencial people in your company. 

This could be the CEO or department heads. You also want to start building relationships with influencial people that might not be in a senior position, but are respected and listened to by executives.

For example, sometimes receptionists, personal assistants or people at various levels that are friendly with decision makers at the office, have the power to say positive or negative things about you that affect your fate. I've lost count of the number of job interview candidates that have been rejected because they were rude to the receptionist and the decision maker asked the receptionist what they thought of them.

If you'd like to connect with decision makers and influencial people, go to company luncheons and drinks and sign up for extra curricular activities. You could also say hi and make small talk when you're in the kitchen making coffee.

Once you've begun to know them a little, ask if you can have a coffee at some point to understand more about what they do and how you can be of service to them. Show an interest in helping them.


#2 - Get involved in new projects and company initiatives

5 Ways to Get Noticed and Promoted At Work.jpg

When an opportunity comes up for you to do something different, take it. 

Don't think "I'm too busy for this..." or "This is too boring..."

Instead think about who it'll give you the opportunity to work with and how completing this project could help raise your profile within the organisation.


#3 - Share your ideas in team meetings and ask questions in company meetings

When you're in a meeting with really smart people, sometimes it can be intimidating. What if the person presenting or leading the meeting is making suggestions that you feel can be improved. Do you say something if you doubt yourself or only say something if you are 100% confident you're right?

Don't stay silent until you feel confident enough to speak up. That confidence may take years to come and by then you'll have missed tons of opportunities to make a helpful suggestion and help your team.

Instead share your thoughts. Say it's just an idea or thought and share it in a constructive way to show people that you're listening to their ideas and you're there to help make it happen.


#4 - Help the business to grow their sales

Very few things make an executive's heart grow fonder than seeing more money coming into the business. 

If you work with client's, take the initiative to help land new clients. Whether it's joining a pitch or contacting a friend at another company who would make a great new client. 

If you work in a more product driven or consumer-facing role, think about the different actions you can take to help your team or other teams increase their sales.


#5 - Write blog posts that get shared within the company

Last not least, become known as an expert at what you. The easiest way to do this is to share your thought leadership on a blog. 

This can be on LinkedIn, Medium or on your own website. It doesn't matter where you write your blog. The most important thing is that you write about topics that are interesting to decision makers and that are reflective of your knowledge, experience and understanding of best practice. 

When influencial people read your blog and like it, it'll change their perception of you and your value. 

For ideas on how to get ideas for your blog, click here to read "4 Steps to Getting Amazing Blog Post Ideas Fast."


And that's it. 


I'd love to know what you think. What have you done in the past that has helped you get noticed at work? Leave a comment below. My blog is read by thousands of readers and your comment could make a difference to someone else's life.