8 Common Concerns About Working With Me

Are you unsure about working with me to get the job you want?

It's natural to worry about whether you're making the right decision (and the consequences of making the wrong choice). 

And so I created this blog post to help you figure out what is best for you.

Here are the 8 common concerns I've received from every single client before I worked with them.

Concern 1: "I can’t afford it."

Some prospective clients tell me they love the idea of doing the Get the Job You Want programme or Find and Get Your Dream Job programme - but they can't afford it. 

If you're a graduate or someone who's looking for a new job, it's understandable you feel nervous about spending the little money you have. 

But the programme isn't like buying a book you don't finish, starting a diet you don't stick to or a buying a course you never finish. 

It's a one-on-one private training programme.  I personally show you everything you need to do to get the job you want and together we take the actions needed for you to get the job and salary you want. 

This programme is an action focused investment in yourself that'll help you get the job you want. As such when you get the job, it pays off in huge dividends and benefits. 

To calculate your potential return, grab your phone calculator and do the following calculation.


For example, if Hannah is a masters graduate and is expecting to make £35,000. When she does the Get the Job You Want programme priced at £299 and gets the job she wanted, her return on investment would be 11,605%. 

Another example is if Becky who is a professional who's changing careers got the job she wanted and increased her salary by £2k through the work with me, her return on investment would be 668%. 

And this doesn't even factor in how happy you'd be doing a job you love and how important this to you.

There's not one person I've worked with who hasn't gotten the job they wanted at the salary they wanted after working with me. 

However, there are people who have tried to get a new job as a graduate or career changer and haven't gotten the job or the salary they wanted when they did things on their own.

If you could increase the chances of getting the job you want, and only had to pay that little to get the job.... I'd see that as an amazing return on an investment. Wouldn't you?

Saying you can't afford this isn't true. 


Concern 2: "I don't have time"

Photo by theblushmom.com

Photo by theblushmom.com

Some people say they love the idea of working with me, but they're so busy juggling university or work with all the other obligations in their life.

And I get it. When you're busy, you can't imagine where you'll find the time to work with me too.

However, did you know that if you try to find the job on your own it'll take you more time than if we worked together?

According to Muse, graduates are recommended to spend 10 to 20 hours per week looking for a new job, and those that are unemployed are recommended to spend 30 to 40 hours.

On top of that, research shows people spend an average of 10 weeks looking for a job. 

Which is crazy to me because I've never looked for a job for longer than 4 weeks. And none of my clients have taken longer than 6 weeks to get the job they wanted. 

And that's because when you do the Get the Job You Want programme, you quickly write your best CV and cover letter, you discover what makes you different and how to best stand out and you'll know exactly how to ace the interview questions. 

All of this takes no more than 4 weeks and is helpful when you're applying and interviewing during the 4 weeks of the programme.

And if you do the Find & Get Your Dream job programme, you get all the same results, PLUS you no longer waste time applying for jobs you aren't the right fit for and will never get. You'll only spend time applying for jobs you are most likely to be successful in. 

Clients have never applied to more than 5 jobs and have always received an offer from at least one of the top 5 companies they wanted to work for.

To help you see the difference, see the summary picture below.

Save time when applying for work.png

If you truly want to save time, it's easier to do the programme than go alone.


Concern 3: "I'd like to try and do it on my own"

If you love a little DIY, it's obvious you'd rather try things on your own before hiring someone else to support you. 

And to be fair, I've given you a lot of free training and resources to help you do it on your own (if you wanted to). 

However, I'd by lying if I said those who do it on their own get the same results as those who work with me. They don't. And here's why. 

Though people who do it on their own know what to do, but they don't know how to do it.

And so, when they roll up their sleeves and try it for the first time, they make mistakes and keep on making the same mistakes with every company and role they apply to. 

Trouble is, the only time they realise they've made a mistake is when it's too late. When a company says no and they've learned the hard way that their CV isn't right or the way they interviewed wasn't right or the way they negotiated wasn't right.

If they had asked someone else to look at their work, help them better communicate what they're trying to say and give them detailed feedback on how they'll appear to companies, they would have seen the mistakes they were making and made the necessary changes BEFORE they applied or interviewed.

Because the truth is, it's hard to see what you're doing wrong when you're doing your best.

And so ask yourself this question, how important is to you that you get your next job? How upset would you feel if you lost the job opportunity because you made a mistake on your cover letter, CV or interview? How much more upset would you feel if that mistake would have been avoided if you worked with me?

If you want to avoid making mistakes that aren't obvious to you... then I strongly recommend you work with me. 




We'll work together privately one-on-one. Think of me as your job trainer. Sort of like a tutor for school or a personal trainer for your body.

After you tell me your career and job goals, I take you through all the actions you need to take to get the job you want. And help you overcome any challenges in the way of getting the job you want.

When you do the Get the Job You Want programme, you'll 

  • Discover what makes you unique and how to powerfully communicate what you do when you are applying for jobs.

  • Grab the attention of executives at companies that don't have any vacancies open.

  • Do what it takes to get invited for interviews.

  • Know how to ace the interviews.

  • Show companies why you're the candidate they should hire.

  • Know what how to negotiate a salary increase of up to 50%.

 If you instead do the Find and Get Your Dream Job programme, you'll

  • Get everything in the Get the Job You Want programme PLUS

    • Discover what your dream job is and where to find it

    • Identify the specific job you'll be really passionate doing and which companies you'll most like to work for and be hired by


Here's what the process looks likes for both programmes.

  • We'll do one-on-one live one hour sessions at the time of your choice. They can be done either via Skype or face to face at my office in London.

  • Get the Job You Want comes with 4 sessions and Find and Get Your Dream Job has 6 sessions.

  • You can choose how and when to best use the sessions. For example, people who want to get a job sooner rather later or are in the process of interviewing, prefer to do a couple sessions a week. People who are in no rush, prefer one session a week.

  • After the session, I'll give you a written copy of exactly what you need to say or do to write a stand out CV and cover letter and how to interview and negotiate.

  • You'll get examples of the best in class CV's, cover letters and interview answers.

  • You'll get feedback on your CV, cover letter and interview and negotiation prep.

  • You can ask me as many questions as you like and email me as often as you like.

 The advantage about the process is that it gives you the time and space to really figure out how you'll get the job you want.

For example, a Glassdoor director once said: 'The last thing you want to do when you get back from a long day at work is plonk down at your laptop to spend hours fine-tuning your CV, cranking out job applications and crafting tailored cover letters. Often, either your work performance suffers or your motivation to find a new position does."

And yet this is something most people do. They apply after school or work and crank out job applications and interviews in the little time they have left. Trouble, is you're not as reflective and you haven't had the time to really think through how to best apply or interview.

But when you work with me, each session gives you the quiet space to become more strategic with what you're going to say and how you're going to say it. As a result, the quality of your CV is greatly improved and you become better at answering interview questions.


Concern 5: "I need time to think about what job i want to do next"

Some prospective clients say they aren't ready to do the programme because they're still not sure about what job they want to do next.

The trouble is, they've been unsure for a while... sometimes months, sometimes years. And they act as though time is all they need to get clarity... when it's not. 

If you don't know what you want, the answer won't come to you in time. It's like being single and waiting for the person you've been looking for to knock on your door. This doesn't happen. 

The same way that a single person will only find love if they put themselves out there and make an effort to take care of themselves, love themselves and date good people ... if you want to figure out what you want to do in your career, you have to take actions to get clear on what you want. 

I've made it easy for you by giving you 2 options. 

First option is that you download the Career Change Planner. It's filled with all the questions you need to ask yourself to reveal what you want to do next in your career.

People I've never met have downloaded this workbook, completed it and literally figured out what they want to do in a matter of hours. Prior to using this workbook, they spent months not knowing. This workbook helped them get clear on what job to do next in just a matter of hours! Powerful stuff. 

If you're someone who is generally indecisive and could almost make a choice using a flip of a coin, the second option is that you do the Career Clarity programme. It's designed specifically to help you get clear on what career you want to pursue and what job to do next. 


Concern 6: "It won't work for me"

Some prospective clients say they love the idea of doing the programme, but they worry it won't work for them because ...

Photo by lnseamsmua

Photo by lnseamsmua

  • They're a graduate starting out their career and they don't feel like the strongest candidate when they compare themselves to their fellow students. They wonder whether they can even get the job they want given their skills and lack of experience.

  • Or they're changing careers and feel as though they lack the skills or experience to get the job they are most interested in ... and there's nothing I can do to fix this challenge.

  • Or they're a professional who hasn't seemed to get the job or salary they want in the past. Whether they don't have an ivy league education, don't have the connections or are female or someone of colour, they feel they often get passed up on opportunities to get the more senior positions they want.

And they've tried other things by themselves before, like watching YouTube videos, going to events, reading blog posts and so much more. But they haven't yet gotten the job they wanted.

And so they're worried. They don't want to get their hopes up and for this programme to not work. 


What I wish these people knew is that this programme is BEST for people who resonate with one or multiple of those points. 

And that's because of all the people I could work with, you're the people I get the best results for.

People who know how to sell themselves can do it by themselves and have been successful doing this in the past.

People who benefit from working with me are those who are talented, work hard and want to make a meaningful difference in the world. But they haven't learned how to communicate WHY they should be hired given their perceived lack of skills or education.

That's where I come in. I'm a marketeer. I've helped global brands like Nike and Unilever and L'Oreal market their products. And I've helped students, career changers and professionals market themselves and strongly communicate why they should be hired.

I know what makes people stand out and that's what I can teach you and help to bring out of you. 

But this programme doesn't work for everyone. It doesn't work for people who don't have a good work ethic. And it doesn't work for people who would rather settle for whatever job they can get.

This programme is perfect for (and really only for) people who are genuine hard workers and just need to a little help communicating why they should be hired.


Concern 7: "I'm not based in London or the UK"

Photo by Tiny_Teaa

Photo by Tiny_Teaa

No problem. You don't actually need to meet me face to face to work with me.

If you're visiting a doctor, sometimes you want to see them face to face because they need to physically examine you. However, if you're working with me, I fortunately don't need to physically examine you.

All we're doing is talking. You'll get the exact same results as if you worked with me face to face. Only difference is we chat on video chat and it'll feel like I'm right in front of you wherever you are in the world.

Nice thing is, it's actually more convenient for people who aren't near my office. You can choose a time to do the consultation that's convenient for you and you don't have to pay in time or money to travel to my office. 

I'm not sure about you, but when I'm working with my doctor or other service professionals, I prefer video consultations to having to see them because it's easier to fit them into my schedule.


Concern 8: I've already applied for jobs... isn't it too late to do this?

Nope. You can use these programmes to help you ace the interviews you've already applied for. And if you get a job offer before the programme is finished, you can get a full refund on the sessions you didn't use or transfer your session credits to something that'll help you succeed in your new job. Totally up to you! 


You have nothing to lose and only the job you want to gain!