This course helped me get the job! Yes, I got the job!!!

I got and started my new job a month one month after doing this course. It really worked for me.

Prior to doing the course, I wasn't getting job offers. In fact, I didn't have a job for a very long time. All the money I received was from financial aid. I didn't know what to do.

Thank God, one day I just happened to see Joy's videos on YouTube and I did this course.

- Pascal

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Joy Randolph

I got the job!!!!!! Completely different industry, 40% pay increase and all the travel I've been looking for

Joy's training gave me so much confidence and helped me get my new job.

It helped me find a role I enjoy and am skilled in and provides decent salary and perks. I can now think about holidays and live a way more comfortable life.

This course made such a difference to me at a time when I was ready to give up!

It's no coincidence I found Joy online 4 weeks ago and that things have turned round so quickly.

- Anne

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Joy Randolph