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How I Stopped Feeling Jealous and Started To Get On With My Life

How I Stopped Feeling Jealous and Started To Get On With My Life

Now, you may not identify yourself a jealous person, but can you honestly say you haven’t ever been jealous of someone else?

I know I’m not a jealous person… but from time to time I envy someone else’s success, happiness or situation. Particularly when life feels hard in that moment.

If you’ve felt jealous, you may have thought it’s just a temporary emotion like anger, fear or happiness. 

However, I invite you to consider that your moments of jealousy aren’t just emotions. When these feelings come up, they bring to light what’s really important to you.

When you try to hide or pretend that you’re not jealous, you’re essentially ignoring the signs on what’s the next best decision you could make for your life. 

If you want to stop feeling jealous and get on with your life, this weeks video post is for you. In it, I gush about how I stopped feeling jealous and got on with my life.


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#3: Become so influential, your words change the way your company does business and your impact makes the world a better place too.

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