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How Naomi Campbell Knew She Wanted to Be a Model

How Naomi Campbell Knew She Wanted to Be a Model

Naomi Campbell has had an iconic career. If someone were to ask who I think are the biggest supermodels of all time, Naomi Campbell would certainly be on the list.

Not only was she the first black woman in the media to make me feel comfortable about being dark skinned, but she’s also one of the few black (and all-time) models to have succeeded and lasted in the industry for as long as she has.

That’s why I was super surprised to learn that her success didn’t come from a rigorous career plan. It came from spontaneity, stepping stones and making one right decision after the other.

Something you can do right now!

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On her YouTube Channel, she shares how she became NAOMI and I bet you’ll learn something you didn’t know before. Take a look.

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