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How to dress for work and create your personal style

How to dress for work and create your personal style

You rarely think about how to dress for work unless you have an important meeting and need to impress someone.

Problem is … first impressions don’t last. 

For example, imagine meeting a woman who’s well dressed and is holding a Louis Vuitton bag. Your first impression of her is that she’s stylish, affluent and cares about high-quality pieces.

But when you discover it’s a fake Louis Vuitton bag and she only wore it so you thought she was more stylish and affluent than she really is, you feel duped. You believe the authentic version of her over who she pretends to be.

If you’re only dressing up for “special” work occassions, you’re doing the same thing. 

You’re portraying yourself to be someone you’re not for an hour meeting, whether it’s a job interview, important client meeting or speaking engagement.


The truth is people will see straight through you.

If you want to hold a presence in a room and would like your colleagues and clients to see you as a leader worth respecting and listening to, you need to dress as the best version of yourself consistently.

Fair or not, your appearance strongly influences how intelligent, trustworthy, detailed, dignified, confident, authoritative and financially successful you are. In the end, all of this helps people answer question, “Do you look ready and suitable for a new job or speaking opportunity?”

Dressing up once in a while won’t convince anyone you’re ready. 


Question is, how do you consistently dress in a way that reflects how you want your colleagues to perceive you?

The most common challenges I hear are:

a) “It takes too much effort to dress up. I don’t have enough time dress up everyday.”

b) “I don’t see the point in dressing up when I don’t have an important meeting.”

c) “Being dressed up is uncomfortable. There’s no way I can dress like this Monday to Friday.”


Well … I’m going to reply to all with one key takeaway I hope you’ll get from this blog post. Which is that you don’t need to dress “up” for anybody. 

Dressing “up” implies you’re dressing in a way you usually wouldn’t.

This is inauthentic and is where most people go wrong. 


You instead want to create a personal style which reflects how you would like to dress Monday to Friday. The problem is most people don’t have a personal style.

Instead they have a wardrobe filled with things they like and things that make them feel comfortable. 

But this wardrobe misses the most important feature all your work clothes need – the confidence factor.


The reality is, when you’re dressing “up” for work, you’re looking for something that makes you feel confident. Something that makes people respect you and listen to you. 

And somehow, people have assumed there’s a trade off between confidence and comfort.

This isn’t true. 

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You simply haven’t shopped for clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. 

This is what creating your own personal style means. 

Good news is, creating your personal style doesn’t take as much effort as you think.

You don’t need to be a fashionista. You don’t even need to spend an extra 10 minutes getting ready in the morning. And you most certainly don’t and shouldn’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


In fact, creating your personal style only requires two things.

a) You know who you are and how you’d like others to perceive you based on what you wear

b) You know what colours and style of clothing make you feel confident and comfortable.


Once you know these two things, you’ll know what to wear to work. You’ll be wearing clothes that reflect your personality, make you feel confident, give you authority and presence in a room and you’ll feel comfortable day in day out.


To figure out what your personal style for work is, do the “Find My Personal Style” quiz.

This will give you clarity on what to wear and teach you how to consistently dress in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You’ll learn how to look admirable and respectable and hold your presence in a room.

Click the button below to receive the quiz.

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