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How to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

How to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

Can you remember the last time you had one bad day after another? Maybe you’re going through this now and wish things could take a turn and life would be easier.

Many of us go through this period. In fact, I actually had what could have felt like a really bad week. Had to go to the hospital for tests because I haven’t been feeling well, a couple of my closest friends said they may not be able to come to our wedding due to unforeseen circumstances… and well, my 9-5 job is kind of challenging.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I was really close to believing life was sucking right now. But when I got up, showered, meditated and filled my Daily Greatness Journal, I realised life isn’t so bad after all.

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If you want to turn things around too, try my one simple trick to turn unlucky situations into happier days. I filmed this tip for you, it’s in the video above.

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