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So glad to meet you! Call me Joy

I'm a London girl that’s an expert on all things branding. My main obsession is showing women how to brand themselves to get the job they want, increase their income and be seen as experts in their field.

My other obsessions? Family, cooking healthy recipes and a daily dose of chocolate.



Five years ago, you'd have caught me rushing to the tube excited to work for my fave companies.  

Never imagined I’d one day build an education business from my bed in my yoga pants.

Born in the mountains of Lesotho and later growing up in the English countryside, I was a shy small town girl with career goals. After watching The City, I dreamed of getting a job that’d give me the opportunity to work with my favourite brands and live in London.

And so when I graduated from business school and got my dream job offer to work as a Branding consultant for global brands such as L’Oreal, Unilever and Nike, I was ecstatic.

I jumped for joy, called my parents to tell them the news… but decided to keep my new job a secret from some friends. Many of my classmates were still struggling to find work. In fact, some had to move back home and never got a job that used their university degree.

After attending a Yale alumni party with my husband, I soon realised this wasn’t just an issue for some friends. It was also an issue for even the smartest of students graduating at ivy league universities.

Little did I know, this realisation would plant a seed for the business I now run.

As time passed, friends asked me how I got my job and if I had any tips for standing out. Sharing what I’d learned worked, helped me see the strategies I used to stand out and get hired, are the exact same branding strategies businesses use to stand out and become the chosen brand by consumers.

When I started getting calls saying “Your tips worked. I got the job!” I realised there was a branding formula.

This inspired me to create a YouTube channel and spend every week dishing steps professionals can use to get the job they want, increase their salary, get noticed.

Within a few months, my YouTube channel gained over 3,000 subscribers. My inbox became flooded with emails from people asking to work with me privately to help them get their new job.

Once my channel reached over 100,000 views from all over the world I realised uh oh. There’s no way I can help everyone privately. And so two online courses were born, Get Your Dream Job Offer and the Career Clarity course.

After previously creating a lifestyle blog with over a million views a month, and now a fast growing online business, I’m now getting emails from experienced professionals about how to be an influencer and thought leader in your field. As soon as I get a chance to create a course on this, I’ll let you know.

For now, you can learn about the available courses below.

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What many people don’t know is that I’m also a green smoothie loving, healthy recipe cooking, always outside running, qualified health coach.

Prior to working in business, I played football for Chelsea Girls Football Club.

Playing at a competitive level taught me how influential the health of our mind and body is on our ability to perform. Not only on the pitch, but in any profession.

In 2015, I studied at IIN, the worlds largest holistic health coaching school and learned over 100 scientific theories that can help you feel healthier and less stressed. This makes it easier to be more productive, more focused and deliver your best work.

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Work isn’t everything. Family is.

Though I'm obsessed with work as a topic... work doesn't mean everything to me. My family does.

My fave part of the day is when my husband, Ian, comes home from work and we spend time with our recently born baby girl, Sky.

We love doing everything together, whether it's playing, napping, walking or cooking.

But life hasn’t been easy for us. I’ve had a life threatening tumour on my pancreas and two life saving surgeries.

My husband and family have given me the strength to get through the hard times.

Family and friends can be your best team. I know mine are.

To learn about the worst times in my life, click the button below.


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