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The 8 best leadership books to read in 2018

The 8 best leadership books to read in 2018

Do you sometimes doubt whether you’re ready for a more senior position that requires extensive leadership experience?

If so, you aren’t alone. The most common concern I hear most of my clients make is “Though I know I want to be a leader, I’m afraid I’m not experienced enough to be good at it.”

They’re shut down and feel like an imposter in decision making meetings and are scared of failing when they put themselves forward for leadership positions.


When I see them in doubt, I want them to know being a “good” leader isn’t so much about having years of experience.

There are tons of managers, some of whom you’ve worked with, that have years experience but make you feel like crap and don’t lead the team effectively.

Rather, good leadership relies on your character and the way you behave. It’s sort of like being a “good” wife or husband.

Let’s be real, when you’re newly married, nobody starts knowing how to be a “good” partner.

If you were raised by both parents and saw your parents stay in love, you’ll have perhaps learned a few things to do and to avoid. For example, “cheating on your partner” is an obvious no no. And you’re more likely to believe in marriage till death do us part.

But if you’ve been raised with divorced parents who fought or cheated on each other, you may repeat the same behaviour because it’s somewhat “normal” to you. Often children of divorced parents don’t believe in marriage because they haven’t seen a marriage end in happily ever after.


Leadership is sort of like this. You’ll by default inherit what you’ve been (or not been exposed to). 

And the only way for you to be a good leader, is to learn what makes for a good leader. Even if you make mistakes, this understanding will be your north star.


Here are 8 leaderships books I recommend my clients read in 2018 to learn and develop the top qualities of a good leader. 


A Book on Leading Yourself

Before you can lead someone else, your team, your company or a community, you must first be able to lead yourself. 


Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by travis bradberry

If you sometimes feel you haven’t reacted well to a situation at work, this book is definitely for you.

Our emotions drive our behaviour more than rational thinking. And yet we’ve never been taught how to manage our emotions and improve our reactions to certain situations. Travis Bradberry explains that learning how to manage your emotions, helps you become more assertive, manage stress and you’ll be a better leader.

90% of the top performers at work are extremely good at recognising and managing their emotions. To learn more about this, watch the short video below:

To order the book, click here.


Books on How to Inspire, Influence and Lead People

See Also

Start with Why by simon sinek

This book teaches you how to inspire people to listen and work with you, even when you’re not the most senior person in the room. 

Simon Sinek reveals people are more likely to collaborate with you if they know why you are asking for their help and support.

He’s done a really great Ted Talk on this which has over 4 million views. To save you time, I’ve found a shortened version of it.

To order this book, click here  



Books on how to act like a leader (even when you don’t feel confident)


I would love to know what you think about these books.

Have you read any of them and learned anything valuable? Are there any other leadership books you’ve found extremely valuable that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know by leaving a comment below

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