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The Best 5 Planners for 2018

The Best 5 Planners for 2018

How to use the best 5 planners to help you become the most productive and happy you’ve ever been

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Every time the new year begins, I always hear someone having a conversation about how skeptical they are about New Years resolutions.

“They don’t work. I break them every time. I mean… doesn’t everybody?” I hear a girl say to her bff as I wait to order hot chocolate at a coffee shop. 

And I get it. The whole “new year, new me” thing isn’t exactly authentic.

Not because we can’t change. In fact, we can change. You and I can grow into whoever we want to be and can learn how to be whoever we wish to be. 

What makes it hard is holding onto our self doubting and self harming thoughts… our knee-jerk reactions to the difficult things that happen in our lives… and our unhealthy and unproductive daily habits. 

We all have them.

And it’s when we hold onto all of these things combined, that we don’t grow. Instead we keep doing the same thing over and over again, and as a result we never change. 

If you want to change… if you want your life to change… I invite you to stop seeing new years resolutions as something that doesn’t work. And if you don’t want to change, ask yourself “Why am I resistant to growing?”

I invite you to see the New Year like a fresh new day. 

Each new day offers you the chance to start afresh, to achieve the things you most desire. When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Today is a brand new day. Forget about yesterday.

The same goes for the New Year. Every new year gives you the chance to write the unwritten 2018 or 20XX chapter of your life. You decide how it goes. 

And one of my favourite ways to do this is to use planners.

Back in the day I used to think planners were just pretty things I’d order at the start of the year and not finish. When in fact, once I learned how to use them, I discovered how powerful and life-changing they can be.

Planners give you a reason to plan. To create a detailed vision of where you want to be. And planners help to make this vision become reality by showing you the small actions you need to take, and the changes you need to make to grow and get better over time. 

I invite you to see every new year, new month, new day as an opportunity for you to do better than what you did yesterday.

And planners are the perfect tool to use to get better every day.

Here are the top 5 planners I believe can teach you how to get better every day and achieve what you desire most.

#1 – the Best Planner for Being Productive and Successful

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And that it’s. These are my fave planners that help you become mega productive and getting the things that are most important to you done.

If you’d like to learn my top 5 tips for becoming more productive and successful at work and being so good you influence people, sign up for my free Be Productive & Deliver Your Best Work



Have I missed anything? What are your favourite planners and why? Leave a comment below

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