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What are the best plants for your desk

What are the best plants for your desk

It’s International Plant Appreciation Day and it got me thinking about what plants to put on my desk.

Plants are amazing for brightening up the office, helping you focus and feeling like you’re connected to nature. 

But there’s one big problem… you may not know what plant to put in your office.

Unless you know lots about plants and gardening, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Some plants need lots of light, others don’t. Some plants need lots of water and care and others don’t. Some plants grow at some times in the year and other’s don’t.

Just thinking about this confuses me. That’s why I was so happy to discover this “Picking the Perfect Plant” infographic which is amazing for plant dummies like myself.

It helps you figure out which plants are best for your office.

Infographic credit: The Huffington Post via

Based on this a Golden Philodendron and Golden pothos could be perfect for me.

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Which plants could be perfect for you?

My intention is to give you some ideas on what to put on your desk. So please leave a comment below sharing what plants you’ve had in your office and loved.

Hundreds of incredible people read this blog every week and your comment may help someone else find the perfect plant too. I can’t wait to read your comment.

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